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We perform inspections & testing throughout East-Central Illinois, but primarily focus on providing great services in the following communities:

Champaign/Urbana, Decatur, Mattoon, Charleston & Danville.


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What is a Radon Inspection? 

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that is radioactive and can cause serious health risks if subjected to elevated levels over time. It is produced from decaying radium and emits a very dense tasteless gas as a result. With most people, radon is the single largest exposure to radiation they will experience in their lifetime. This is because it will tend to accumulate in low areas of a building like a crawl space or basement. It is extremely important to thoroughly test these areas as elevated radon exposure has been linked as the second leading cause of lung cancer in America behind cigarette smoking.

It is important to thoroughly test each room in a home or building as there can be significant changes in radon levels from room to room. Because it is both odorless & colorless, you must have a professional come to test your home or building to ensure the best & latest methods have been used. Every building will have radon present; you don’t have to worry if it’s density levels are kept at appropriate points as the human body is able to effectively handle small levels of radiation.

We thoroughly process each home or building we perform inspections in by utilizing the best testing tools in the industry. We leverage the ability of the Sun Nuclear Continuous Radon Monitors and the Rad Elec Electret Ion Chambers to eliminate the high/low bias commonly found in do-it-yourself radon testing kits. The Sun Nuclear Monitors continuously take multiple readings of radon levels per hour and are able to continue doing so for up to 999 hours straight. This allows us to get a truly exhaustive picture of the radon levels in the building over time. The Rad Elec Chambers can perform even longer-scale tests, ranging from 48 hours up to a year in length! Both come equipped with tamper-proof checks & balances to ensure there is no human interference with the results – further ensuring accuracy & peace of mind for you that the space is safe from increased radiation levels.


Home Radon Inspections


Home Radon Inspection Chart

It is important in Illinois to understand the various laws associated with radon testing in your home. When selling a home, there are things you can and cannot do when testing for present radon levels. We help make this process easy as we work with you to ensure tests are done properly and to the highest standards.


The EPA recommends that all houses & condos be tested for radon levels when being bought or sold. Usually, the potential buyer of a home requests that a radon test be performed and hires a professional Radon Inspector in Central Illinois like Callaway & Associated to perform the inspection. If the test comes back above 4 pCi/L or higher, usually the buyer & seller negotiate installing a radon mitigation system to reduce the radon levels below 4 pCi/L or lower.


Home Radon Inspection Areas Served:

Home Radon Inspection in: Champaign | Urbana | Danville | Mattoon | Decatur




Radon Inspection Companies in Champaign / Urbana, IL

For almost any type of building in Champaign / Urbana, Callaway & Associates is able to perform professional radon inspections and provide a confirmation of radon levels according to the highest standard in the industry. We are a certified radon inspection company in Central Illinois licensed by the State of Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation, Division of Real Estate to perform Home Inspections. We are also licensed by the IEMA (Illinois Emergency Management Agency) Division of Nuclear Safety, State of Illinois Radon Program as a Radon Measurement Professional & Analytical Laboratory. With over 20 years of experience serving Champaign & Urbana, IL, our team at Callaway & Associates is a stable, locally owned & operated business that will be here for years to come. We frequently perform over 300-400 radon inspections across East-Central Illinois per year!


Radon Inspection Companies in Champaign, IL Radon Inspection Companies in Urbana, IL


School Radon Inspection Services

For school radon inspections, the tests will typically last between 48 hours up to a year in length. This is extremely important as accuracy must be achieved across the building in the various rooms, especially in older schools. Once the test is completed, your administration will typically have the test results within a week that are certified and backed by the State of Illinois Emergency Management Agency Division of Nuclear Safety Radon Program. We would not typically recommend purchasing a do-it-yourself home kit for testing an entire school building as you will want the results to be as accurate as possible without the possibility of tampering. We can provide this service & always back our results as the highest standard in the industry!


School Radon Inspection Services in Champaign, IL School Radon Inspection Services in Urbana, IL


Daycare Center Radon Inspections Services 

If you own or operate a Daycare Center, you have two options for radon inspections in the state of Illinois. You may purchase an in-home do-it-yourself kit or you may hire a IEMA licensed Radon Measurement Professional like us to perform the test. Because we are also licensed as an Analytical Radon Lab, we can provide you with the exact same equipment for your “in-home” test that we use when administering the tests ourselves. This will help provide more accurate results than the discounted in-home kits found at most big-box stores. As with the school Radon Inspections, Daycare Center radon inspections typically last from 48 hours on the low end up to a year on the high end to ensure the most accurate results.


Daycare Radon Inspections in Champaign, IL Daycare Radon Inspections in Urbana, IL


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