DayCare Center Radon Inspections in Danville, IL

DayCare Center Radon Inspections in Danville IL


Daycare Center Radon Inspections in Danville IL


Effective January 1, 2013, daycare centers in Danville IL need to be tested for radon at least once every three years. Home daycares can purchase a do-it-yourself kit, but there may be disadvantages to this approach. For one, when you want to deal with a potentially deadly problem that can affect the children you care for in your home, then you may want to leave it to a professional. DIY kits may have easy to follow instructions, but a professional would be able to provide better analysis and interpretations of more accurate readings that are made. Errors in performing the tests yourself may not result in accurate findings. Therefore, daycare radon inspections in Danville IL must be left to professionals who can truly help.


Callaway and Associates, Inc. is ready to inspect your home daycare center and test for the harmful gas radon. As a locally owned and operated radon inspection and testing service, we understand the importance of daycare centers to the community, so we make sure that these places provide a clean and safe breathing environments to our children. Our goal is to ensure that daycare centers, whether non-residential or home daycares, have no elevated level of radon exposure. To fulfill this aim, we employ only top-of-the-line measuring equipment that is significantly more reliable than off-the-shelf radon testing kits. We provide not only accurate results but also relevant recommendations on how to reduce levels of radon in your location.




Levels of RadonHow much Radon is Safe?


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established 4.0 picocuries per liter of air (pCi/L) as the action level for radon. If a home or daycare center tests at or above this level, then it is recommended that mitigation be performed to bring the amount of radon to a safe level. Furthermore, the Child Care Act of 1969 (225 ILCS10) Section 5.8 states that facilities must post their current radon measurement next to the Department-issued license. In addition, the results must be provided to parents or guardians when they request for it. Mitigation should be performed to reduce radon exposure to those who occupy the daycare facility, especially the children, who are significantly more vulnerable to the risk because of their still-developing lungs.


Radon Testing for School-based Daycare CentersSchool-based Daycares


Daycare facilities licensed under the Illinois School Code will follow all guidelines set in place for school buildings and not the stricter standards set for daycares. This includes having a school district employee pass an Illinois Emergency Management Agency state course to test the building or hiring a licensed radon measurement professional. Amendment HB4606 to the School Code requires that every school building in Illinois be tested for radon every five years. School districts must notify parents and faculty of test results.


At Callaway and Associates, Inc. we urge you to allow our services to complement your radon specialist training program. This is because with our help, procedures and guidelines can be set in such a way that a check-and-balance mechanism can be established. This means having the ability to cross check your results with ours for a more accurate reading and thus more appropriate recommendations or actions.


Professional Daycare Radon Inspection in Danville ILYour Professional Daycare Radon Inspectors in Danville IL


Callaway and Associates, Inc. calls on all daycare centers in Danville IL, including home daycares, non-residential daycare facilities, and school-based daycare centers, to perform radon testing. This is for the benefit not only of the children, but also for the teachers and staff who work at a location. With our efficient testing methods that result in accurate measurements and reliable findings, you can be sure that your daycare center is safe from the harmful gas, radon. We take our role seriously, as measuring elevated levels of a radioactive substance is a very delicate and critical task. Thus, you should rely on our professional work for dependable results.


Callaway and Associates is the name to trust for quality daycare radon inspections in Danville IL. We are licensed by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA), Division of Nuclear Safety as a radon testing laboratory for inspection and analysis. This means that our work results in bankable findings that can help improve the air conditions in your daycare center. With over 20 years or experience and over 400 inspection jobs performed annually, the experts at Callaway and Associates, Inc. are ready to test your daycare center for radon and reduce elevated levels if necessary. Trust us today for quality work.


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