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"Ensure your home & family’s safety with professional home radon inspections by the experienced team at Callaway & Associates."


We perform home radon inspections & testing throughout East-Central Illinois, but primarily focus on providing great services in the following communities:

Champaign-Urbana, Decatur, Mattoon, Charleston & Danville.


Why Home Radon Inspections Are Important


Radon is a colorless, odorless, & tasteless gas that is most commonly found in a basement or crawl space of a home. This is because it rises up from the ground into the air in your home through the floor, cracks in the foundation, and any openings that allow air through. Most homes will have some levels of radon, but when kept in check & below appropriate levels, the risks associated with exposure are reduced.


There are two levels of radon to identify that are important for your home: acceptable levels & “safe” levels. No amount of exposure to radon is considered “safe”, similar to being exposed to cigarette smoke. As radon is a carcinogen which has been linked to causing lung cancer, obviously it would be ideal to avoid this kind of radiation altogether. Unfortunately, completely escaping your exposure to radon is almost impossible, as outside levels have been recorded as high at .75 pCi / L. To put this into perspective, the EPA has set that appropriate radon levels in your home should be no higher than .4 pCi / L. This means that in some areas of nature, radon is naturally found at almost double the acceptable levels as determined by the EPA!


If you are buying or selling a home in East-Central Illinois, and during the radon inspection, there turns out to be levels of radon higher than .4 pCi / L, you should immediately request that a professional come to install what is called a radon mitigation system. Simply put, a radon mitigation system reduces the density of radon levels in a space (usually a basement or crawl space) but increasing how many times air cycles through a space. If the air changes more times per hour in a basement or crawl space, the amount of radon that will be able to settle & dwell in the space will be drastically reduced.


We perform quality home radon inspections in East-Central Illinois. If your home is found to have increased levels of radon and needs a radon mitigation system installed, we will be happy to refer you to the appropriate professionals we believe meet the same quality standards as Callaway & Associates. We feel it would be a conflict of interest to recommend radon mitigation as an appropriate course of action and also be the ones to perform and charge for the mitigation work. This allows you to be even more confident that we have YOUR best interests in mind!


Selling A Home: What to Know About Home Radon Inspections


We would highly recommend testing your home for elevated levels of radon before putting it on the market. In some cases, this will save time as if it was tested recently enough, some potential homeowners will accept the tests and not need additional testing performed. In others, the potential homebuyer may want to still perform a test to ensure radon density is below the commonly accepted levels.


If they do request additional tests, you have nothing to fear! Because you’ve already tested for radon levels by hiring the qualified professionals at Callaway & Associates, you can be confident that this new test, if administered properly, should expose nothing unknown in your home. If elevated levels of radon were present in your initial test, you would have already taken the next steps to install a permanent radon mitigation system.


Once installed, a permanent radon mitigation system is usually able to filter out the air and reduce radon levels in the basement or crawl space within 24 hours! By continually running this system as suggested by the installer and manufacturer, you should be able to reduce the levels of radon in the home by up to 99%! This will give you peace of mind, even if the potential homebuyer requests a new test to be performed. Your house now just became more sellable, even to the most health conscious of buyers!

Beyond Homes

We perform radon inspections on a variety of buildings & businesses as well! For more information, check out our radon inspections page here!


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