Home Radon Inspections in Champaign, IL

Home Radon Inspections in Champaign, IL

Home Radon Inspections in Champaign IL

No amount of radon is considered safe. Being a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is most commonly found in a basement or crawl space of a home, radon must be detected correctly and accurately. This is because it can cause harmful health effects as it rises up from the ground to the air in your home through the floor, cracks in the foundation, and any openings that allow air through. As most homes have some levels of radon, home radon inspection is important to keep levels of the dangerous gas in check and below appropriate levels. In this way, the risks associated with exposure are reduced.


In Champaign IL, Callaway and Associates, Inc. provides quality home radon inspections. We want to meet or exceed all state standards, and so we employ only the latest methods and equipment for reliable home radon inspections. Whether new construction or an existing home, our methods are trusted by contractors and homeowners so that harmful levels of the gas can be detected early on and remediation can follow immediately. At Callaway and Associates, Inc., we value your family's health. That's why we take extra care as we perform home radon inspections in houses and buildings.




Why Radon InspectionImportance of Radon Inspection when Purchasing a Home

Radon inspection is important when purchasing a home. This is because as a radioactive gaseous element formed by breakdown of radium, radon occurs naturally especially in areas over granite and is considered to be hazardous to health. Radon gas from natural sources can accumulate in homes, especially in confined areas such as attics and basements. Its levels fluctuate naturally; thus, testing for high levels is important. A radon test involves the use of radon detection equipment installed in the lowest habitable floor of the house for a period of time. 


After the testing equipment has remained for the required period of time, the inspector would then send the specimen to a lab for analysis. The results would then determine whether remediation is needed for high levels of radon. In addition, regular radon inspection is important because radon levels can vary significantly from day to day or from hour to hour. Therefore, with this characteristic of the substance, accurate radon testing is important to ensure that the right levels of radon are measured and that the proper recommendations for remediation are given.

Your Home Radon Inspector in Champaign IL

Professional Radon Inspection

As a locally owned and operated home radon inspection and testing service, Callaway and Associates, Inc. is licensed by the  State of Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation, Division of Real Estate to perform Home Inspection and by IEMA (Illinois Emergency Management Agency) Division of Nuclear Safety, State of Illinois Radon Program as a Radon Measurement Professional & Analytical Laboratory. With this qualification, we provide accurate home radon testing that will ensure the health and safety of the occupants.


Trust Callaway and Associates today to be your home radon inspector in Champaign IL. Get in touch with us to learn more about our processes.

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