Home Radon Inspections in Danville, IL

Home Radon Inspections in Danville, IL


Home Radon Inspections in Danville IL


When you buy or sell a home, you need to perform a number of home inspection tasks to ensure that the property being sold or bought is in good condition for occupancy. Some systems involved in testing include electrical systems, plumbing and piping, HVAC, sealing, and other important parts of a home. However, one test, which is as important as those mentioned, involves inspecting a home for an invisible, odorless, and tasteless gas. Home radon inspections are important because they allow for the detection of harmful levels of the radioactive gas, radon. Through these inspections, indoor air quality is checked and monitored so that elevated levels of the dangerous gas, if present, can be detected. Therefore, testing for radon is an important part of home inspection.


Callaway and Associates, Inc. is a leader in home radon inspections in Danville IL. Under license number RNI2005209, we perform in excess of 400 radon tests per year both residential and commercial. We are also NRPP (National Radon Proficiency Plan) certified, allowing for HUD multifamily testing. These qualifications let us provide superior services that result in only accurate findings to inform homeowners or parties involved in a real estate transaction about the true condition of a home in terms of radon exposure. When results are accurate, then informed decisions can be made about the sale or purchase of a home, or mitigation processes can be taken immediately.




Radon Levels in Danville ILRadon Levels in Danville IL

Danville is located in Vermilion County, which, according to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA), has radon levels between 2 and 3.9 pCi/L in 25% of its area, under 2 pCi/L in 31% of its area, and 4 pCi/L and above is a very large 44% of its area. These figures show that a large portion of the county has elevated levels of radon. Therefore, homes in Danville must be tested for the harmful gas before they do harm to the occupants of a home. In addition, the city and county are located in the high-radon zone as compared with other counties south of it. This shows the importance of conducting home radon inspections especially for homes being bought and sold in the market. Real estate transactions should require home radon testing.


Home Radon Testing for Real Estate Transactions


With the complexity of real estate transactions that involving multiple parties and financial interests, special protocols are designed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) for radon testing in real estate transactions. These protocols are adopted by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA)-Division of Nuclear Safety to conform to the radon regulations of the agency. Overall, IEMA strongly recommends that all homebuyers should have an indoor radon test performed prior to purchasing or occupying a home and that elevated levels should be mitigated.


In addition, the buyer or seller should not rely on a radon measurement performed by anyone other than a licensed measurement professional or technician. The IEMA has recognized Callaway and Associates, Inc. to perform home radon inspections in Danville IL. With a licensed professional, elevated radon concentrations can easily be detected and reduced.


Reliable Home Radon Inspections in Danville ILReliable Home Radon Inspections


In Danville IL, radon professionals such as Callaway and Associates, Inc. can help you with home radon testing. We have the knowledge and skills to perform indoor air quality tests that reveal elevated levels of radon gas if present. Through this ability, we have helped countless homeowners, buyers, sellers, and real estate agents with the process of home radon inspection, which is often performed in real estate transactions. As a locally owned and operated radon inspection and testing service, we understand the importance of having a good home that has a safe, breathable environment. Therefore, we take our tasks seriously, and we make sure that our tests only result in accurate measurements.


Callaway and Associates, Inc. not only performs radon testing but also a thorough home inspection that meets or exceeds the State of Illinois Home Inspection requirements, which include the examination of the following areas: structural system  or foundation, exterior, roof, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, interior, fireplace and solid fuel units, and insulation and ventilation. As we know, radon gas can move through the air movement in the vents caused by HVAC appliances. Therefore, we check every possible area of radon occurrence so that 100% safety is ensured.


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