Home Radon Inspections in Decatur, IL

Home Radon Inspections in Decatur, IL


Home Radon Inspections in Decatur IL


Radon can't be seen, smelled, or tasted, but it can exist in your home. These characteristics make this radioactive gas difficult to detect without proper equipment. In addition, the Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the country next to cigarette smoking. Thus, home radon inspections are important to detect elevated levels of this harmful gas and to apply mitigation measures to prevent future health issues among family members. For home radon inspections in Decatur IL, Callaway and Associates, Inc. is the company to trust. For more than 20 years, we have specialized in home radon inspections and have helped homeowners, buyers, and sellers detect harmful levels of radon in their properties. 


A very large area (42%) of Macon County, where Decatur is located, has radon levels of greater than 4 pCi/L according to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency or IEMA. This result is alarming and calls for immediate action by the community. Homeowners should get in touch with home radon inspectors in Decatur IL to test their homes for elevated levels of the harmful gas so that occupants can breathe safely. Fortunately, Callaway and Associates, Inc. services the whole of Decatur IL, providing accurate radon measurements to homes that need testing. Whether you require home radon testing as part of routine maintenance or a requirement for a real estate transaction, you can count on Callaway and Associates for quality work.




Radon Testing for Real EstateRadon Test Options for Real Estate Transactions


In Decatur IL, IEMA has outlined some guidelines for home radon testing for real estate transactions. Before a home is sold or bought, it is the responsibility of the seller to disclose and information about elevated levels of radon before the sale. Therefore, accurate home radon measurements should be made. Legislation such as the Illinois Radon Awareness Act and the Illinois Real Property Disclosure Act state that a seller of a home must disclose information if he or she is aware of unsafe level of radon in the home being sold. However, the acts do not require testing or remediation. Nevertheless, many relocation companies and lending institutions, as well as home buyers, request a radon test when purchasing a house.


Places to Test for RadonPlaces to Test for Radon


Therefore, IEMA strongly recommends all homebuyers to have an indoor radon test performed prior to purchase or taking occupancy and to perform radon mitigation if elevated levels are found. In particular, IEMA recommends that radon detectors should be placed in each lowest area suitable for occupancy, such as a family room, living room, den, playroom, bedroom, workshop, or home gym. It is also recommended that a detector be placed in the lowest level suitable for occupancy, even if it is not currently used but could be. For instance, if the house has a basement, crawl space, or slab-on-grade, then a test should be performed in the basement and in at least one room over the crawlspace and slab-on-grade area. If an elevated radon concentration is found and confirmed in one of these areas, then mitigation should be performed. 


Finally, it is not recommended to put detectors in the kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom because fan systems and humidity may affect some detectors. In addition, detectors should not be placed in crawl spaces, on floor or wall cracks, or right next to a sump pump, as this may cause a false high reading.


In summary, IEMA recommends radon detectors to be placed in the following:

  • in a place where it will not be disturbed
  • at least 3 feet away from doors and windows to the outside 
  • at least 1 foot away from exterior walls
  • at least 20 inches to 6 feet from the floor
  • at least 4 inches away from other objects horizontally and directly above the detector
  • away from drafts
  • 4 feet from heat, fireplaces, furnaces
  • away from direct sunlight and areas of high humidity


Reliable Home Radon InspectionYour Reliable Home Radon Inspectors in Decatur IL


Callaway and Associates, Inc. is your reliable service provider of home radon inspections in Decatur IL. We are licensed by IEMA's Division of Nuclear Safety to conduct radon home inspections. This means that all our processes are scientifically approved by this authoritative body and that you can have peace of mind knowing that accurate measurements are made so that you can make an informed decision about the sale or purchase of a home. Added to our certifications is one given by the State of Illinois Radon Program, which recognizes us as a Radon Measurement Professional & Analytical Laboratory. With over 400 residential and commercial radon tests performed annually, we definitely know what we're doing, and you can rely on this guarantee.


Trust Callaway and Associates today for quality home radon inspections in Decatur IL. Get in touch with us today for more information about our services or to schedule an initial consultation.


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