Home Radon Inspections in Urbana, IL

Home Radon Inspections in Urbana, IL

Home Radon Inspections in Urbana IL

Radon is an odorless and colorless gas, and these characteristics make it difficult to detect without proper equipment. As elevated levels of radon have been found in homes all over the country, home radon inspections are becoming necessary now more than ever. Any home in Urbana IL may have a radon problem, whether new or old homes, duplexes or cabins, and apartment complexes or other types of buildings. This harmful substance knows no bounds. Moreover, radon can be found in homes with or without basements. Radon gas can also get into all types of structures, including office buildings and schools.


However, the home is where people are at great risk because this is where we spend most of our time. Therefore, you and your family receive the greatest radiation does in your home, so accurate radon inspection is needed to determine the actual levels of radon. Callaway and Associates, Inc. is an expert in home radon inspections in Urbana IL. With over 400 commercial and residential radon inspections performed every year, we have the capability to accurately detect harmful levels of radon so that you can take appropriate measures to ensure the health and safety of your family. Trust us today for home radon inspections in Urbana IL.




How Does Radon Get Into a HomeHow Does Radon Get Into a Home?

Usually, radon rises from the depths of the earth and disperses into the atmosphere harmlessly. However, if an enclosed structure guides the radon and provides it with a path, such as an old residential home with a dirt basement or crawlspace, the radon enters the enclosed area through the soil and begins to accumulate within it. Having a cement floor in the basement can reduce radon gas infiltration but only to the degree that the floor is solid, nonporous, and crack-free. A water sump pit or a drainage system can also be a conduit for radon. Therefore, it is safe to say that homes with basements are more at risk for radon, especially those made with porous materials.


In addition, avoiding the basement does not mean that you are not at risk. The basement may only be used for storage and not for any living quarters or function, but radon is a fluid and can move to different parts of the house once it is inside. Radon can also rise into the living space through cracks in the floor, around the chimney, around plumbing pipes, and through the ducts of forced air heating systems. Moreover, other sources of radon, or "emitters," include a stone foundation and natural building materials such as wallboards, concrete, and even wood.


Furthermore, a major contributor to radon gas in some geographical areas is the water supply, in which deep wells can draw radon-contaminated water into your home. Radon is then released when the water is used to bathe, cook, or drink.

Reliable Home Radon Inspection in Urbana ILReliable Home Radon Inspection in Urbana IL

For dependable services that result in relevant recommendations to rid your home of the harmful substance, Callaway and Associates, Inc. is the firm to trust. For more than 20 years, we have helped homeowners, buyers, sellers, and realtors with quality home radon inspection services. Through our efforts, homes with elevated levels of radon have undergone remediation, and their occupants are now living comfortably and healthily. The experts at Callaway and Associates, Inc. will go the extra mile to ensure that your home is safe and that your family can breathe safely.


Get in touch with one of our professionals today for more information about our services or to schedule an initial consultation where we inspect your home to know the proper approach for inspection.

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