How Long Does it Take for a Radon Mitigation System to Work?

How Long Does it Take for a Radon Mitigation System to Work?

How Long Does It Take a Radon Mitigation System to Work?


Homeowners who discover high levels of radon through routine testing or during the inspection process of buying a home are usually eager to have it gone. Radon is a very harmful gas to humans and should be removed as soon as possible from the area. How long should you wait before feeling safe returning to the basement? Well, the answer isn’t as simple as it may seem.


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I’ve Decided to Have a Radon Mitigation System Installed, Now What?

Now you get to play the waiting game. Although the newly installed radon system goes to work right away in your home, basement, or crawlspace, you will need to let it continue working and will need to wait at least 2 days before the testing of the space is complete. Although the mitigation system doesn’t need a full 4 days to do its’ job, it is best to plan on waiting at least 4 days before deciding if the system is working properly. One day for the installation; one day for the mitigation system to be fully working; and two final days for the new radon test to run. After this process, you should see progress and results that are large improvements over the levels that were revealed in past tests.


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The most common method for radon to be mitigated is when a radon mitigation professional installs a complete system to pull the radon away from the interior of a home and deposit it outside. Radon gas comes up through the ground and instantly infiltrates any space it can – although is most commonly found in basements and crawlspaces. By having radon gas present at higher-than-recommended levels, being exposed to it over a long period of time can be potentially harmful as it has been found to have carcinogens present.


Each home is different and needs a different strategy & approach to removing harmful radon from the premises. Call our office to discuss your options and schedule a radon inspection for your home or a home you plan on purchasing to ensure your family’s long-term safety.  


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