Radon Inspection in Urbana IL

Radon Inspection in Urbana IL

Radon Inspection in Urbana IL

Radon gas is a colorless and odorless radioactive substance that causes serious health risks to those who are subjected to elevated levels of the gas over time. Next to cigarette smoking, radon exposure is the most common cause of lung cancer. Radon tends to accumulate in low areas of a building such as a crawl space or a basement. This is because the substance naturally occurs in the ground and rises to structures, causing harm to occupants. Therefore, it is extremely important to thoroughly test these areas for the harmful gas. Through radon inspection, homes and office buildings can have a safe and healthy breathing environment.


In Urbana IL, many home and business owners require radon inspection as prescribed by law, as a requirement during a sale of a home or building (real estate), or as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of building or home occupants, especially seniors and school children as they are most vulnerable to the hazard. As such, the professional radon inspection services of Callaway and Associates, Inc. are a trusted process in accurately detecting harmful levels of radon so that remediation can take place immediately as needed. If you require residential or commercial radon inspection and testing services in Urbana IL, then Callaway and Associates, Inc. is the firm to turn to. 


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Sources of RadonWhere is Radon Found?


Radon gas is ubiquitously found in rock and soil. When radon escapes from the soil or is discharged from emission stacks to the outdoor air, it is diluted to levels that are normally, but not always, lower than indoor air. In addition, the burning of coal and other fossil fuels also releases radon. Radon gas in rocks and soil can move to the air, groundwater, and surface water. It may also enter homes through the water supply. It is noteworthy that the concentration of radon in water from wells may be higher than that from surface sources. This is because groundwater, compared with surface water, tends to have more direct and longer contact with rocks and soil, allowing more of the harmful gas to leach out.


Radon is also present in natural gas, which had previously been in contact with underground uranium-bearing rock and soil that continually release the harmful gas. The radon remains in the natural gas as it travels through distribution pipes and into homes. Thereafter, the gas is released to breathing air when it is burned in fireplaces, furnaces, heaters, stoves, and water heaters. Furthermore, radon can enter a building through diffusion from the ground, gas appliances even if they are properly vented, and pressure-driven airflow such as exhaust fans, ductwork, and clothes dryers. Moreover, radon seeps through cracks in solid floors and walls, gaps in suspended floors and around service pipes, construction joints, and cavities inside walls.  


Reliable Radon Inspection ServicesReliable Radon Inspection Services


Dependable services that keep your home safe from the dangers of radon are needed when you want a healthy breathing environment. Therefore, Callaway and Associates, Inc. is the firm to trust for reliable radon inspection services. For more than 20 years and with over 400 radon inspection jobs performed annually, we have helped building owners by offering quality radon inspection services. With our efforts, building occupants can live comfortably and healthily, knowing that the air they breathe is free from the harmful gas. The experts at Callaway and Associates, Inc. has the capabilities and equipment to accurately detect harmful levels of radon in an indoor space, and we continue to stay current with the latest technologies for radon testing.


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