How Effective is Radon Mitigation?

How Effective is Radon Mitigation?

How Effective is Radon Mitigation?


You may be a current homeowner who recently found out they have a radon leak in your home through radon testing or maybe you are about to purchase a new home and aren’t sure if it’s worth another $1,000 to install a radon mitigation system. Either way, you will certainly want to look closely at the pros and cons of having a radon professional install a mitigation system in your home this year.


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Should I Have a Radon Mitigation System Installed in My Home?


If your home has been tested in the past and shows elevated levels of harmful radon gas, you should definitely have a radon mitigation system professionally installed. Without it, you and your family will be exposed over time to a harmful gas full of carcinogens that are comparable to cigarette smoke.


A radon mitigation system installed properly is always working, ensuring that your family is protected from the harmful gas piling up and seeping throughout your home. By having the professionals at Callaway & Associates install your system, your home will be handled by the best hands in the industry.  


Each home is different and needs a different strategy & approach to removing harmful radon from the premises. Call our office or schedule a radon inspection for your home or a home you plan on purchasing to ensure your family’s long-term safety.  


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