How Long Does a Radon Test Take?

How Long Does a Radon Test Take?

How Long Does a Radon Test Take?


You may have just purchased your first home and are excited as the closing date approaches. One of the steps you should certainly take before your closing date is having a professional radon inspection performed. Although it may not be fun waiting for the process to be completed, it is a great idea to have this taken care of ahead of closing so that you reduce the chances of having a burdensome expense in your future.


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Is a Radon Test Instant?

No, unfortunately not. A professional radon test will usually take 2 days or longer, sometimes up to a week depending on the size and unique space being tested. Most home’s radon tests can be completed in about 2-3 days. If the home being tested is larger than normal or if you have a space that is unusual, time may be added to ensure the test is accurate.


While short term tests will give the quickest results (in just over 48 hours), you may want to elect for a long-term radon test to see a better overall picture of your home’s radon situation. If you can afford the time for the test to take place, you will see that radon levels fluctuate throughout the year and it might be wise to install a mitigation system if you see elevated levels in certain points in the year.


Each home is different and needs a different strategy & approach to removing harmful radon from the premises. Call our office to discuss your options and schedule a radon inspection for your home or a home you plan on purchasing to ensure your family’s long-term safety.  


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