Champaign IL Schools Radon Inspection

Champaign IL Schools Radon Inspection


Accurate Radon Inspection in Champaign IL Schools


According to past National PTA President Kathryn Whitfill, the EPA's national survey of schools produced some alarming results about the concentrations of radon in classrooms. At some point, public awareness must be raised about the hazards of radon to hasten efforts on reducing the danger and the health risks to students. All schools in Champaign IL must be tested for levels of radon to determine whether a problem exists, and schools must inform parents of the results. We definitely cannot ignore this problem, as radon poses dangerous health risks when left unmitigated.

Radon could be a serious threat in your school. Therefore, radon inspection in Champaign IL schools must be done regularly so that administrators can take immediate action if heightened radon levels are detected. Radon is a naturally occurring gas that seeps into buildings from the surrounding soil. In some cases, well water may be a source of radon. Therefore, radon can actually occur anywhere, but they could pose greater risk to schools, as children are more susceptible to its harmful effects.


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Radon ManagementManaging Radon in Schools

Schools in Champaign IL and across the country use indoor air quality (IAQ) management as a framework for the detection, mitigation, and management of the dangerous gas radon. Successful IAQ management in schools involves the effective control of pollution sources, including that of radon. This radioactive gas is one of the most hazardous indoor pollutants, causing an estimated 20,000 deaths from radon-induced lung cancer annually. Thousands of classrooms nationwide have elevated radon levels, needlessly exposing hundreds of thousands of students and staff to this serious health risk. 

Through the IAQ framework used to manage radon levels, schools not only in Champaign IL but nationwide organize key drivers for success and strategies in action. This involves establishing an effective team to plan for radon testing and mitigation. Included in this team are a trained radon professional such as Callaway and Associates, health and safety committee members, facilities managers, air-conditioning technicians, IAQ professionals, school administrators, and other staff members and parents.

This team works to design standard operating procedures, develop district-wide radon management methods, and adopt testing protocols and remedial action steps according to the needs of the school. The input of professionals such as Callaway and Associates is valuable to the success of this framework.

Effective Radon Inspection in Champaign IL Schools

In Champaign IL, schools partner with Callaway and Associates to implement action plans for radon detection and mitigation. As children are more prone to radioactive sensitivity than adults because their bodies have not fully developed, detecting radon has become an important task more than ever. School administrators of different districts in Champaign IL turn to Callaway and Associates for their annual inspection and testing for elevated radon levels in their buildings. 

At Callaway and Associates, we take this role very seriously because the potential future safety of the students is at risk with elevated levels of radon. We provide the highest quality radon inspections for schools in Champaign IL so that building administrative teams can know whether students and faculty’s exposure to the harmful gas is reduced. Furthermore, Callaway and Associates also offers the following services:

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Reliable Radon Inspection in Champaign IL Schools by Callaway and Associates