Charleston IL Schools Radon Inspection

Charleston IL Schools Radon Inspection


School Radon Inspection in Charleston IL


Whether at home or in school, our children are at risk of the harmful gas radon. As schools house our children during most of the day, these places should be checked for dangerous levels of the gas and be applied with mitigating procedures if elevated levels are detected. As such, in Charleston IL, the professionals at Callaway and Associates are dedicated to accurately inspecting every area of a school so that students can breathe clean air. Our experts test all frequently used rooms on and below ground level, conducting tests in the cooler months of the year when radon exposure is at its height. Moreover, they follow all appropriate testing strategies that adhere to the recommendations of the EPA. Callaway and Associates, Inc. is the name to trust for quality services.


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Why Test Radon in SchoolsReasons for School Radon Testing


Radon testing in schools and daycares is the only way to determine whether or not the radon concentration in a school room is below the action level. Measuring levels of radon gas in schools is an important process that can be easily implemented in a school's action plan. In addition, it is relatively less expensive compared to other important building upkeep activities. Therefore to test for harmful levels of radon gas, it is best to allow professionals to inspect the areas of the school, including all classrooms, storage rooms, cafeteria, and other rooms where people gather so that accurate measurements can be made and proper recommendations can be given in the event of elevated levels of radon gas.


In addition, because radon levels in schools have been found to vary significantly from one room to another, schools should test all frequently occupied rooms in contact with the ground. A room that is found to have a level of 4 pCi/L or greater should be subjected to another test to confirm the harmful level. If the second test also shows radon levels at or above 4 pCi/L, then the school should take action to reduce the radon level to below 4 pCi/L. Furthermore, elevated levels of radon should prompt the school to address concerns of the overall indoor air quality. In doing so, schools can ensure clean, breathable air in all areas, and this helps contain the radon problem to one area only.


Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that comes from the natural breakdown or decay of uranium found in soil and rock. Radon travels through the soil and enters buildings through cracks and other holes in the foundation. Eventually, it decays into radioactive particles (decay products), which can be trapped in one's lungs when he breathes. As these particles decay, they release small bursts of radiation, which can damage lung tissue and lead to lung cancer. Also, as one spends more time breathing in the dangerous gas, the more he is at risk of disease. Therefore, children, who still have developing lungs, can be at great risk. Thus, it is essentially important for accurate radon testing in schools and daycares to test for harmful radon. 


Radon affects all buildings equally whether it is a home, office, or school. However, it does not affect the occupants in the same manner. Places frequented by people who are more at risk of the harmful effects of radon should be tested regularly. Daycares, schools, retirement homes, and other similar places should include radon testing in their regular building maintenance processes. Through proper radon inspection, accurate measurements of the levels of radon gas can be made, and if dangerous, elevated levels are detected, then correct remediation procedures can take place. School radon inspection is an important task that must be done to ensure the health of the students as they go about their daily activities.


Reliable Radon Inspection in Charleston IL SchoolsProfessional School Radon Inspection Services


Callaway and Associates, Inc. is a reliable firm offering accurate radon inspection and measurement in schools in Charleston IL. Our certifications include those given by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) Division of Nuclear Safety and the State of Illinois Radon Program as a Radon Measurement Professional and Analytical Laboratory. These qualifications mean that the results of our radon testing can be trusted and that the recommendations we make to reduce elevated levels of the harmful gas should be followed to ensure the health and safety of the occupants.


Charleston IL trusts Callaway and Associates, Inc. to provide dependable radon inspection services. Get in touch with us today for more information about our processes or to schedule a consultation.


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