Schools Radon Inspection in Danville, IL


Schools Radon Inspection in Danville, IL


School Radon Inspection in Danville IL


When you send your children to school, you only want the best things for them. For example, you want to ensure the quality of education, the curriculum, the facilities, and the faculty and staff. In addition, we look at convenience factors such as the location of the school and other details including policies and extra-curricular activities. However, we don't always check for an invisible, tasteless, and odorless gas that's been possibly seeping from the ground to a school building. Radon gas, the result of the radioactive decay of uranium, is a harmful substance that is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. A school should be inspected for elevated levels of radon, and Callaway and Associates, Inc. is the firm that can help.


At Callaway and Associates, Inc. we take pride in our work. We are licensed by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) Division of Nuclear Safety to perform radon school inspection in Danville IL. We serve Danville School District No. 118 and other schools in the city. As professional school radon inspectors, we know the importance of obtaining accurate measurements in ensuring the health and safety of the children, faculty, and staff members. We perform an important service to the community by helping schools ensure that the air breathed in by our children is safe and radon-free. Whether you require active or passive testing or are looking to fulfill regulatory requirements, we are the firm to trust.


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How does Radon Enter SchoolsHow does Radon Enter Schools


A number of different factors contribute to the entry of radon gas into a school building. For example, location is a major factor. Schools in nearby areas can have significantly different radon levels from one another. As a result, school officials have difficulty knowing whether elevated levels of radon are present without testing. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), some of the factors that determine the elevated radon levels are the concentration of radon in the soil gas (source strength), permeability of the soil (gas mobility) under the school, and the structure and construction of the school building. 


Other factors that influence the level of radon include the type, operation, and maintenance of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in schools. A number of schools are constructed on adjoining floor slabs that permit radon gas to enter through the construction and expansion joints between the slabs. Other features of a school building, such as the presence of a basement area, crawl spaces, utility tunnels, sub-slab HVAC ducts, cracks, or other penetrations in the slab (such as around pipes) also allow radon to enter indoor spaces.


Furthermore, HVAC systems can affect radon levels in schools depending on their design and operation. Through increasing ventilation (diluting indoor radon concentrations with outdoor air) orŠ decreasing it (allowing radon gas to build up) and pressurizing (keeping radon out) or depressurizing a building (drawing radon inside), radon levels can vary. The frequency and thoroughness of HVAC maintenance can also play an important role. For example, if air intake filters are not periodically cleaned and changed, then the amount of outdoor air ventilating the indoor environment is reduced. Less ventilation allows radon to build-up indoors.


Your Professional School Radon Inspectors in Danville ILProfessional School Radon Inspectors


School administrators should have their buildings tested by a dependable firm offering quality school radon inspection services. Callaway and Associates, Inc. takes pride in knowing that classes can proceed without having to worry about toxic air being inhaled by children, who may be at greater risk for lung tissue damage because their lungs are still developing. Our equipment and processes are tried and tested, so you don't have to worry about inaccurate results or missed areas with elevated levels of radon.


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