Schools Radon Inspection in Decatur, IL

Schools Radon Inspection in Decatur, IL


Schools Radon Inspection in Decatur, IL


Whether public or private, schools in Decatur IL must be inspected for radon, as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) strongly recommends. Radon is an invisible, odorless, and tasteless radioactive gas that can go undetected without proper equipment. Therefore, through proper radon inspection in schools, children, faculty, and staff can feel safe as they go about their daily routine.


With radon just looming undetectably, a class can go on without the teacher and the students knowing that they are actually breathing in the dangerous gas. As this gas is inhaled, it decays in the lungs, releasing energy that can significantly cause damage to lung tissues in the long run.


Radon exposure is proven to be the second leading cause of lung cancer next to cigarette smoking. Schools may have a no-smoking policy, but if radon goes undetected, then this policy may be deemed useless as the risk for lung cancer is still present. Therefore, professional school radon inspection is needed to detect elevated levels of the harmful gas and apply remediation procedures as needed.


In Decatur IL, the students, faculty, and staff of schools such as those under Decatur School District 61 (DPS61) and other public and private schools can feel much safer when radon inspection is performed by a trusted firm. Callaway and Associates, Inc. has worked with these schools to perform regular radon testing and inspection to ensure that harmful levels do not exist. Your school should also be tested today to minimize the harmful effects of this radioactive gas. Through accurate measurements obtained by reliable radon inspections, schools can adopt mitigation policies or take necessary actions pertaining to building maintenance that prevent the spread of radon.




How Radon Inspection in Schools are PerformedRadon Inspection in Schools


First, an expert from Callaway and Associates, Inc. meets with the school's facility manager to obtain the floor plans of different buildings and to inquire about the structure of the school. For instance, a school that is under renovation or is planning to undergo one in the near future should postpone testing until the job is completed. Testing a building under construction is not fully possible because the condition of the room/s being tested is not final (i.e., they are not properly sealed, not yet walled-in, etc.). Thereafter, our expert discusses with the school principal or superintendent about testing protocols and required communication with students, parents, faculty, and staff. 


Second, a walk-through inspection is performed to determine the areas to be tested, and information is recorded based on the floor plan of the building. According to EPA recommendations, every occupiable room in the basement, ground floor, and at least three floors up should be tested for radon. With radon coming from beneath the soil and seeping through cracks in the foundation and holes in the walls or building materials, radon occurrence in these areas may be the highest. Radon gas can then spread through the moving air of a building's HVAC system and ductwork, so upper floors can also have elevated levels of the gas. Therefore, inspecting all these areas are important to make sure that no room containing high levels of the radon is missed.


Third, our expert will attend the informational meeting headed by the school administration with representatives of parent and teacher organizations to provide an overview of the scheduled radon testing. Our representative professional will be there to answer teachers or parents' concerns or questions. In addition, prior to radon testing, the school administration notifies the parents and the staff with a letter informing them of the scheduled radon testing. Lastly, the test is performed, and results are provided so that the school administration can take appropriate mitigation measures if required.


Reliable School Radon InspectorsYour Reliable School Radon Inspectors in Decatur IL.


Callaway and Associates, Inc. is your dependable school radon inspector in Decatur IL. We are certified and licensed by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency's (IEMA) Department of Nuclear Safety to perform school radon testing according to its protocols. Together, we can fight the spread of radon and protect our children from the harmful effects of this radioactive gas. Get in touch with us today for more information about our services or to get started with the radon testing process.


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