Schools Radon Inspection in Mattoon, IL

Schools Radon Inspection in Mattoon, IL


Schools Radon Inspection in Mattoon IL


The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other international scientific organizations have concluded that radon is a serious environmental health problem. The radon problem in schools is a special case, as school-aged children may be more vulnerable to the harmful substance because of their still-developing lungs. Recently, the EPA has conducted an extensive research on the presence and measurement of radon in schools. Initial findings prompted the recommendation for school radon inspection. Based on more recent results, the EPA continues to advise schools to test for radon and to reduce levels to below 4 pCi/L. To do this, professionals such as Callaway and Associates, Inc. should be consulted for proper radon testing.  


Mattoon IL has many different schools such as the Mattoon Community Unit School District 2, which includes Mattoon High School, Mattoon Middle School, Hawthorne School, Riddle Elementary, and Williams Elementary. All of these schools need proper radon inspection so that harmful levels of radon can be detected and mitigation procedures can be applied if elevated levels are found. In addition to school radon inspection in Mattoon IL, proper education on radon is required, that is, it is important that students, teachers, and parents are aware of a potential radon problem that could exist in their school and the possible health dangers that it may cause. Callaway and Associates, Inc. is the best professional to address these needs.




EPERM for Radon TestingTypes of Radon Testing for Schools


In general, two methods are employed to test for radon, namely, a short-term test and a long-term test. A short-term test is the quickest way to test for the harmful gas. In this radon testing procedure, a testing device remains in an area such as a classroom or a hall for a period of 2 to 90 days depending on the device. It is important to note that radon levels tend to vary from day to day and from season to season. Thus, a short-term test is less likely than a long-term test to yield results for the average radon level for a school year. On the contrary, a long-term test requires using a device that remains in place for more than 90 days. A long-term test can yield results that are more likely to represent the average radon level in a schoolroom for a school year than a short-term test.


Further comparison of the two tests shows that short-term measurements are often made with equipment such as activated charcoal devices, alpha track detectors, electret ion chambers, continuous monitors, and charcoal liquid scintillation detectors. On the other hand, long term tests involve devices such as alpha track detectors and electret ion chambers. To ensure adequate test results, only devices that are used for a measurement period of at least 48 continuous hours should be used when testing for radon in school buildings.


In addition, among the durations applicable for short-term tests, 90 days may offer more representative data on the average radon level in a schoolroom for a school year than 2 to 5 days. Long-term tests can also integrate fluctuations of radon concentrations with time. For example, although a 2-day radon measurement might be taken during a period of higher-than-usual radon levels, a 90-day measurement will allow such highs, if they occur, to be balanced by periods of moderate or low radon concentrations.


Alternatively, 2 to 5-day tests indicate the radon level for a shorter period of testing, during which radon levels may have been somewhat higher or lower than the school year average. However, research conducted by the EPA suggests that these measurements are more likely to reflect the average radon level for a 3-month or longer period when radon testing is conducted during the coldest months of the year when closed conditions are more likely to be the case.


Reliable Radon Inspection in Schools in Mattoon ILReliable School Radon Inspection


Callaway and Associates, Inc. ensures the safety of students and faculty by testing for radon at least once every three years. Schools and administrators in Mattoon IL trust our professionals year after year as we inspect or test their school buildings for elevated radon levels. At Callaway and Associates, Inc., we take this role very seriously because we are aware of the great risks of this harmful gas, that is, the potential future safety of the students are at risk with elevated levels of radon. Therefore, we provide only the highest quality radon inspections for schools in Mattoon IL to allow a school's building administrative team to be aware that the students and faculty’s exposure to the harmful substance is reduced. 


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