Urbana IL Schools Radon Inspection

Urbana IL Schools Radon Inspection


Reliable Urbana IL Schools Radon Inspection


Every parent, teacher, and student in Urbana IL should be concerned, but should not panic, about radon. Everyone’s goal should be to reduce the students and school staff's radon exposure, and the best way to do this is to test a school and install a mitigation system if radon exceeds the EPA-recommended action level of 4.0 picocuries per liter of air. With radon inspection in Urbana IL schools, we ensure the children's healthy future by mitigating an existing radon problem early on.

A radon expert arrives at a conclusion that a student's daily exposure to radon of 4 picocuries per liter is equivalent to smoking half a pack of cigarettes per day. As radon causes around 21,000 lung cancer deaths every year, this is a very alarming finding. Therefore, accurate radon inspection is needed to mitigate radon levels. Helping schools to test for radon gives them the data they need to make informed decisions about addressing any radon issues that they may have. Callaway and Associates provides information, consultation, and tools to help schools with this task.    


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Radon Detection in Urbana IL SchoolsImportance of Professional Radon Inspection in Schools

Radon is highly unpredictable and very site-specific. This means that it can be highly concentrated in one part of a building but completely absent in another part of the same building. Therefore, applying a one-size-fits-all detection approach would be difficult. Schools in Urbana IL must be tested thoroughly for radon levels in all areas, and then they should use the results to decide on the best action plan for each situation. In fact, by helping schools to test for radon, Callaway and Associates exceeds Federal standards, which do not currently require mandatory radon testing.

In addition, in many cases, children may spend more time in school than they do in other places aside from home. Therefore, they are at greater risk of radon exposure in this place than in any other location outside of home. Testing for radon in Urbana IL schools not only ensures the children’s safety, but it also gives parents peace of mind when they know that their children breathe quality air as the kids spend most of their time in school. Callaway and Associates takes its role of inspecting different areas of schools for radon seriously. 

Ensuring Radon-free Schools for over 20 Years

At Callaway and Associates, we take on the task of ensuring that our children go to school safely. We do this by inspecting different areas of your children's schools for harmful levels of radon and by recommending appropriate action plans to school administrators. We know that children are more prone to the harmful effects of radon because their bodies have not fully developed the way adults have. Therefore, they are less equipped than adults to combat short bursts or long, gradual exposure to radiation, especially if it is introduced into their everyday lives. 

Callaway and Associates performs reliable radon inspection and detection in Urbana IL schools. School officials trust us to provide them with sound advice regarding what to do in case we detect high levels of radon in an area. We feel responsible for ensuring the health of the children, and that's why we take extra steps to make sure that our equipment is perfectly calibrated all the time to accurately detect levels of radon. In addition to schools in Urbana IL, we offer radon detection in the following areas:

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