Home Radon Testing

Home Radon Testing


Reliable Radon Testing in Homes


Radon is a radioactive gas that may be present in any home, old or new. It is a toxic gas that comes from decomposed uranium in the soil, and because it always moves from the ground to the environment above, it often leaks into houses through cracks in the foundation. However, homeowners cannot see, smell, or taste this gas. This means that despite its dangerous and carcinogenic properties, it can never be detected easily if it builds up in the home. Unless special procedures are enforced such as regular home radon testing, the presence of this deadly gas will always go unnoticed.


Callaway and Associates is a home radon testing professional specializing in detecting harmful levels of radon in homes such as those for sale or those undergoing routine checks. Homes in Urbana IL, Champaign IL, and other areas in East-Central IL may have radon levels that could affect the health of occupants in the long run. Therefore, we work hard to accurately measure the levels of radon in a home or area to ensure the safety of homeowners and their families. Through our expert processes and well-calibrated equipment, we can inspect a home, test it for radon, and make the necessary recommendations for remediation and mitigation. 


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Types of Radon Testing

Basically, home radon testing comes in two forms - professional radon testing and passive kits. Passive kits are inexpensive devices that are available in either short or long-term models. Short-term models are appropriate for having a quick idea of the gas levels in a home within a few days. However, because these levels change daily, short-term kits do not provide extensive results. They are dependable but not reliable over long periods of time. On the other hand, long-term kits stay in your house for a few months and give a better idea of yearly gas levels. An example of this kit is the alpha-track, in which a plastic strip collects alpha particles from the gas.


Professional home radon testing involves experts physically inspecting a location for the deadly gas using more complex devices. If you are buying or selling a house, it is always a good idea to hire professionals to inspect the property because you want to be sure of the information that you pass on to or receive as buyers. Although this type of home radon inspection is more expensive than passive kits, these qualified experts have specialized equipment that actively analyze the gas levels within a couple of days and officially report this information to owners or prospective buyers. Callaway and Associates is among the top professionals trusted for home radon inspection.


Radon Testing for Home Buyers and Sellers


The EPA recommends that all houses, regardless of the radon zone where the house is located, must be tested for radon at the point of sale. The most common procedure for radon testing during real estate transactions is for the potential buyer to request the home radon test as part of the overall home inspection. The home radon test is generally a separate service that must be requested. If the radon test shows a level of 4 pCi/L or greater, then the EPA recommends that the potential buyer should negotiate with the seller to install a radon mitigation system with the goal of reducing the radon level in the home below the recommended measurement.


In addition, the owner of a house can test his home prior to listing the home for sale. If the homeowner does perform a radon test, then the test result must be disclosed on the whole house disclosure form filled out with the realtor. If the initial test by the homeowner shows a level of less than 4 pCi/L, then potential buyers may still request an additional radon test as part of their home inspection. Otherwise, the issue will need to be addressed in the real estate transaction. A buyer may want to have a confirmatory test conducted. With an average radon level of 4 pCi/L or greater, the owner should install a radon mitigation system prior to placing the house on the market to bring the radon level to less than the danger zone.


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In East-Central IL, you can trust Callaway and Associates for professional home radon inspection. Whether you require radon testing for selling or buying a home or for simply checking on radon levels for your family's well-being, you can depend on us for a reliable testing process that yields accurate results. We would highly recommend testing your home for elevated levels of radon before putting it on the market. In some cases, this will save time because if the test was conducted recently enough, some potential homebuyers will accept the tests and will not need additional testing.


Trust Callaway and Associates today for quality home radon inspection. Many of our past clients have been satisfied with the results of our tests and have been thankful that we were able to detect harmful levels of the substance before it had caused significant problems to their health. You too must have your home tested for dangerous levels of radon before it’s too late. In addition to home radon inspection, the following services are also offered by our experts:

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