Home Radon Testing in Mattoon, IL

Home Radon Testing in Mattoon IL


Home Radon Testing in Mattoon IL


Buying or selling a home is never an easy process. Many processes must be undertaken. Among them, home inspections can be very demanding. In fact, home inspection should be one of the major tasks performed during a real estate transaction, and the reason is twofold. On the one hand, buyers would obviously want to have a home in excellent or at least near-perfect conditions. A buyer would want everything to look and work properly. On the other hand, sellers would want nothing more than to make the sale. Therefore, they would do anything to make sure that a house is as perfect as possible.


There are many aspects to home testing, each essential to the conditions of a home and its normal operation. Electrical systems, HVAC components, piping networks, and other home aspects should be consider. However, what sets apart radon from other things that needs to be checked is that radon cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted. You cannot "visually inspect" the presence of radon, so specialized equipment is necessary. Fortunately, the professionals at Callaway and Associates, Inc. is ready to help. With our extensive knowledge on radon, how to detect it, and how to reduce elevated levels of this harmful gas, we can help you with accurate home radon inspections.




 Radon Testing GuidelinesHome Radon Testing Guidelines for Mattoon IL by IEMA


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) outlined special protocols for radon testing in real estate transactions to help the multiple parties involved. The Illinois Emergency Management Agency, on the other hand, adopted these protocols to conform to its radon regulations. Overall, IEMA strongly recommends that all homebuyers have an indoor radon test performed prior to buying a home or moving in. The agency also recommends using only licensed measurement professionals such as Callaway and Associates, Inc. for radon inspection. If elevated levels are found, then they should be reduced by a qualified and licensed mitigator.


Two short-term tests lasing simultaneously for 48 hours or longer can be performed as an option. As an alternative, a continuous monitor test consisting of one test performed with an active continuous monitor that integrates and records radon levels every hour for 48 hours or longer can be performed. For the first type of test, the two detectors should be spaced four inches apart in each of the lowest structural areas that can be occupied. The second type of test requires the continuous monitor to be placed in each of the lowest structural areas that can be occupied.


Once the results are obtained, the Illinois Radon Awareness Act and the Illinois Real Property Disclosure Act require that a seller of a home disclose information if he or she is aware of unsafe concentrations of radon in the home. It is then up to the buyer to opt for radon mitigation.


Your Home Radon Inspectors in Mattoon ILProfessional Home Radon Inspectors


Callaway and Associates, Inc. is your professional service provider for home radon inspections in Mattoon IL. With our experience and expertise, you can have accurate results that will help you make the right decision about your home sale or new home purchase. When you let us inspect your home for radon, you can be assured of testing equipment and processes that have been certified by IEMA to measure elevated levels of the harmful gas in accordance with its guidelines.


We will first visit your site to inspect it. This will determine the number and types of devices and the appropriate kinds of tests to be performed. Thereafter, we install the equipment and allow the testing period to pass. Meanwhile, you can go on with your normal routine, such as holding open houses, etc. Lastly, we take the devices and bring them to the laboratory for analysis. We then provide you with the results within 48 hours.


Callaway and Associates, Inc. can help you with home radon inspection. Get in touch with us today to get started with the process.


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