Home Radon Testing in Urbana IL

Home Radon Testing in Urbana IL


Home Radon Testing in Urbana IL


When it comes to home radon testing in Urbana IL, Callaway and Associates is the name to trust. For more than 20 years, homeowners and realtors have trusted our techniques and equipment to test homes for radon before a sale or as part of annual maintenance. With accurate home radon testing, homeowners can be sure that their houses are free of the deadly, cancerous substance and that their families are safe. With reliable home radon testing, families can go about their daily activities, knowing that they are breathing in clean, non-toxic air. Callaway and Associates is one of the most experienced professionals for home radon testing in Urbana IL. 


As one of the only firms certified by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) to perform home radon tests in Urbana IL, Callaway and Associates is proud to provide high-quality services and equipment to ensure accuracy in our measurements. Thoroughly testing each room in a home or building is crucial, as rooms even in the same building can have significantly different levels of radon. Because of the substance's odorless and colorless characteristics, professional testing for homes or buildings must be done to guarantee that the best and latest methods are applied. Mere human senses can never detect this dangerous substance; therefore, the expert services of Callaway and Associates are the most appropriate steps to be taken for home radon testing.


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Reliable Radon TestingContinuous Home Radon Monitor Test


Radon measurement devices are generally classified into two categories: passive and active radon monitors. A passive radon monitor is usually small and lightweight and does not require any power to operate. In addition, they need to be sent to a laboratory for post-analysis. Some examples of passive monitors are charcoal canisters, electret ion chambers, and alpha track detectors. 

On the other hand, a continuous radon monitor is an active type of radon monitor. It is electronic and therefore requires some power source, such as a standard AC wall outlet or batteries, to operate. This type of monitor has the ability to integrate the dimension of time into the radon measurements. This means that the device can continuously monitor levels of radon for as short as 1 minute to as long as 1 week, integrating collected data every hour. In addition, continuous radon monitors include a digital readout that can display the current radon level or the long-term average radon level. They are also equipped with other environmental sensors that measure other parameters such as temperature, pressure, and relative humidity.

Callaway and Associates has experts trained in using active continuous radon monitors. We prefer these devices because they have the ability to store measurement data, which is useful because we intend to perform extensive analysis and determine trends in radon levels in an area. In this way, we can create models that can guide us in improving our detection techniques.


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Ensure your home and family's safety with professional home radon inspections performed by the experienced team at Callaway and Associates. At our firm, we have qualified technicians who can visit your home and sit down with you to create a plan for accurate radon testing. Our inspection procedures are non-intrusive, which means that you and your family can go about your daily routine without even noticing that our equipment is gathering data. Callaway and Associates is the best choice if you want relevant results that can lead to appropriate action such as remediation or mitigation. 


Trust Callaway and Associates today for home radon inspection in Urbana IL. We have helped many satisfied clients know the true status of their homes in terms of radon levels, and we have provided helpful recommendations that have led to the prevention of diseases caused by the harmful substance. If you want your family to be safe from the deadly effects of radon, then you should turn to Callaway and Associates today for accurate radon measurements. We also offer the following services in addition to home radon inspections in Urbana IL:

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Reliable Home Radon Testing in Urbana IL by Callaway and Associates