Radon Laboratory

Callaway & Associates, Inc. is licensed by IEMA to perform Laboratory Analysis of radon progeny concentrations with passive devices, license # RNL2015202.This allows us to work with clients that wish to do their own testing. We use the E-Perm system, the same system that we use to test schools, residential and commercial exposures, not an off the shelf, hardware store “do-it-yourself” kit. All test kits are shipped to you at no charge and lab analysis fees are included in the quoted price. You would be responsible for return postage for shipping kit back to Callaway & Associates, Inc.

Test Your Home

Homeowners In Illinois may test their own home, but are limited to testing only the home in which they reside. Callaway & Asociates will supply the testing equipment and will perform the lab analysis at the end of the test. Test results are avaliable 48 hours after the return of testing equipment.

In Home Daycare

Effective January 1, 2014 proof of radon measurement is required every 3 years to renew or apply for a new daycare license. If you run a home daycare in Illinois, you have two option to test for radon. If you reside in the home you may use one of our “do-it-yourself” home test kits and test or you may hire a licensed Radom Measurement Professional to test your home. Callaway & Associates, Inc. can perform the Professional Testing or we can supply you with a test kit for a “do-it-yourself” test.

Radon Monitoring System

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