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Radon Testing

Callaway & Associates Inc. is licensed by IEMA as a Radon Measurement Professional, license # RNI2002509. We perform in excess of 400 radon…


Committed to providing the tools needed to make an informed decision. All new manufactured houses install to HUD Specific 24CFR part3286 regulations.

Home Inspection

The purchase of a new home is an exciting and stressful undertaking. It is usually the largest single investment you will ever make, yet most buyers…

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Radon Inspection & Testing Throughout East-Central Illinois

Callaway & Associates, Inc. performs a Home Inspection that meets or exceeds  State of Illinois Home Inspection requirements, which include examination of the following areas: Structural system / Foundation, Exterior, Roof, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Cooling, Interior, Fireplace & Solid fuel units, Insulation and Ventilation.

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We provide Home Inspections for existing and new construction. Radon Testing is provided for Residential, Multi-family, Commercial, Daycares, Schools and more.

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At Callaway & Associates, all of our Inspections are comprehensive, meeting or exceeding State requirements for Home Inspections and IEMA requirements for Radon Testing.


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Home inspections can provide you with the tools needed to make an informed decision regarding the condition of the property you are considering. In the same light, testing for Radon is an important part of the health and safety of the occupants of any building.

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