Radon Testing

Radon Testing

Radon Testing Champaign, Decatur, Mattoon, ILCallaway & Associates, Inc. is licensed by IEMA as a Radon Measurement Professional, license # RNI2002509 and as an Analytical Lab license RNL2015202. We perform in excess of 400 radon tests per year both residential & commercial.  


Callaway & Associates, Inc. performs residential Radon Testing using  Sun Nuclear Continuous Radon Monitors (CRM)  and or Rad Elec Electret Ion Chambers (E-Perms). Sun Nuclear continuous radon monitors take multiple readings per hour for up to 999 hours. They are equipped with tamper detection sensors to help identify any attempts to tamper with testing thus eliminating the false accusation of human interference with testing. These units eliminate the low and high bias associated with passive devices that are found with the "do it yourself" kits in hardware and home improvement stores.  E-Perms in their various configurations can perform tests from 48 hours up to a year long. Test results are delivered within 24 hours of the test completion..

There is no reason to fear radon; every building has some amount present. The question to be answered is what are the levels.  The only way to tell is to test. A typical real estate transaction test will run for a minimum of 48 hours, with the  preferred testing period of 96 hours being used if time permits, results being delivered within 24 hours of test completion. By having Callaway & Associates, Inc. perform a radon test, you can be assured that the test was performed by an IEMA licensed Radon Measurement Professional.  Should elevated levels of radon be present, a mitigation system can be installed to reduce levels. Callaway & Associates, Inc. does not perform mitigation; we feel this a conflict of interest, but we will give you a list of State of Illinois Licensed Mitigation Contractors that do work in your area.

Building Type



In Illinois, radon testing of a home for a real estate transaction must be performed by an IEMA Licensed Radon Measurement Professional.  The minimum test period is 48 hours, but 96 hours is preferred if time is not an issue.  Testing not involved in a real estate transaction is typically 96 hours and can be run for a longer duration if time is available.  Test results are available within 48 hours of test completion.

In Illinois, a homeowner may test their own home if it is their place of residence.  This cannot involve a real estate transaction.  It is for single family, owner occupied homes without boarders or apartments.  Callaway and Associates, Inc. is licensed as an Analytical Lab which will allow us to provide a homeowner with test equipment to perform their own test.  This is the same equipment we use for our professional level testing.  Test results are available 48 hour after test equipment is returned to Callaway and Associates, Inc.


Schools & Daycare Centers


Radon Testing of schools & daycares can run a minimum of 48 hours up to a year in length.  The initial testing is usually a short term 48 hour to 7 day test depending on time constraints.  Floor plans and at least one site visit is needed to assess testing equipment needs.  Test results are normally available within a week of test completion.


 In Illinois, if you run a home daycare, you have two options to test for radon:  1) If you reside in the home, you may perform your own radon test or 2) you may hire an IEMA Licensed Measurement Professional to test your home.

Callaway and Asociates, Inc. is IEMA licensed as a Radon Measurement Professional and an Analytical lab.  We can provide you with the test equipment to test the home yourself.  This is the same equipment that we use for professional testing not the "do it yourself" test kits found in hardware and home improvement stores.  Test results will available 48 hours after test kit is returned to Callaway and Associates, Inc.



Commercial testing can run from the small retail store to mega malls and office buildings, often with multiple occupancies.  Test duration for an initial test is usually 48 hours to 7 days.  Follow up testing if needed is typical and generally only in areas that tested high.  Test results are normally delivered within a week of test completion.


Multi Family

Multi family housing units refinancing with HUD will need radon testing.  State of Illinois IEMA protocols will govern testing procedures in the State of Illinois.